E Transfers Coming Soon

Due to popular demand, Porcupine Credit Union will be introducing Interac e-Transfer® as a way to safely and securely transfer funds to another person’s bank account.

To access Interac e-Transfer® all you will need is access to Porcupine Credit Union’s online banking and you will be able to send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a bank account in Canada.

Money is transferred from your bank account in real time, and relies on both financial institutions secure banking procedures to ensure security and safety.

Watch for more information and details that will be coming soon!


New Interac Flash® Everlink MEMBER CARD®

Your new Interac Flash® Everlink MEMBER CARD® debit card is on the way. Porcupine Credit Union will be introducing debit cards with the technology,  Interac Flash® an enhancement of Interac® Debit, allowing you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently.

The Interac Flash® service is a contactless payment with the functionality of Interac® Debit, and has all the benefits of Interac® Debit but it allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier.

Watch for the Interac Flash® signage and/or the symbol on the merchant terminal’s display screen to identify Interac Flash® merchants. When making a purchase for less than $100, just hold your MEMBER CARD® debit card close to the card reader and the payment is processed in an instant. Your purchases will be deducted instantly from your bank account.   The transaction uses chip processing and relies on the same secure network as your Porcupine Credit Union debit card – no need to insert your card or enter your PIN.

After you have reached a cumulative total of $200 spent, you will need to insert your chip and re-enter your PIN. This will re-set the limit and transactions may be processed as “contactless” transactions until the limit is again reached.

With Interac Flash® transactions instead of cash, it’s like you’re ready with the exact change every time.

Watch for your new card in the mail in 2015!   Please test your new card to ensure it is working properly, your old card will become inactive after 90 days receipt of your new one.  If you have any questions about your new card please contact us.


Play KOSMIKS® for Kids

When you try to teach your kids about money management, do they look at you like you’re from another planet?
Maybe they’re on to something.
The KOSMIKS® website is a newly discovered world where kids learn the importance of responsible saving in an exciting and engaging way. From Work World, where they earn KUBITS TM, to making payments on their own rocket, the site is designed to teach basic financial literacy they way kids learn best – through play and interaction.
To explore the KOSMIKS website, you will need Porcupine Credit Union’s unique space code (see below). Once your kids start discovering KOSMIKS, they’ll be taking the first steps in learning how to be tomorrow’s responsible savers.
Space Code – PC2CU